We cycle to work

Vi cykler til arbejde

Did you know that daily physical activity not only has a positive effect on our physical health, but also on our work performance?

In connection with the campaign "We Cycle to Work", Member of Parliament Rasmus Prehn has written an article in NordJYSKe about how regular exercise can lead to fewer sick days. He writes i.a. following:

"Women who are physically inactive have on average seven more sick days per year than those who are active. For men, it is three extra sick days. Imagine if all men and women became physically active on a daily basis. It would actually lead to a increasing the labor supply corresponding to 13,700 full-time employees in society."

At Movewell, we believe in creating a culture where exercise and health become a natural part of everyday life. Our business partners not only have the benefits of healthy and happy employees, but they also get a unique opportunity to make a strong set of values ​​visible to customers, business partners and employees.

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