DHL relay 2023

DHL clothes on time

Take your time and order your new FUSION DHL t-shirts already today!

Why not use the time before DHL to get in good shape with colleagues. Start training already now in timeless classic sportswear with a high exposure value of the company's values ​​- and a quality that will last far into the future.

FUSION is constantly developing their T-shirts, which ensures a durable and well-tested product - as well as a fixed and permanent part of FUSION's collection. As a company, you can therefore always be sure of being able to buy the same T-shirt again, and even from day to day and in exactly the desired quantity.

In a world where geopolitical positions can often create uncertainty, FUSION has chosen a clear strategy for their production: Knitted in Ikast, dyed in Herning and sewn at FUSION's own factory in Kaunas, Lithuania.

If you want to tailor your clothes to support your company's messages and signal values, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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