A 20-minute walk can change cognitive performance

20 minutters gåtur kan ændre den kognitive ydeevne

A 20-minute walk can make a big difference.

We all know that physical activity is important for our health, but did you know that just a 20-minute walk can improve your cognitive performance? Research shows that a short walk can have a positive effect on our mental state and increase our productivity.

A study has shown that a 20-minute walk has a positive effect on children's cognitive performance. After walking for 20 minutes, the children could better understand, spell and count. The researchers concluded that moderate exercise in the form of a walk can improve attention and academic performance.

A technology-free walk without a mobile phone or music/podcast in the ears has a positive effect on our mental health. By removing all distractions, we can focus on our thoughts and feelings and improve our ability to solve problems and make decisions. As a simple challenge, we can all take a 30-minute technology-free walk on the weekend and experience the benefits of a short walk.

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