Move On

Move On

More movement
Better well-being
Stronger community

Denmark's new, long-lasting well-being concept for Danish workplaces.

Move On is a new, unique combination of various successful approaches that provide employees in the workplaces of the future with improved health, well-being and community. The return is not only less sick leave and prevention of stress! Move On also leaves the employees and thus the company with renewed energy, strengthened community and greater profits.

Move On is for everyone. Even those who exercise regularly. Concept includes a meaningful kickoff event, a team app/gamification, exclusive clothing from Danish FUSION, motivational podcasts for the break or the walk.

Previous Move On events

Royal Greenland


Kalundborg Municipality

In 2021, MoveOn organized a fantastic event - "MoveOn Royal Greenland", which was a virtual tour around Denmark, where all the employee's daily activity was recorded and converted into steps in an App. This has meant that many still have to put e.g. . a walk into today's program, possibly in connection with lunch. It was togetherness, fun and movement that we incorporated into our Royal Greenland everyday life. All participants got a super nice FUSION ZIP sweatshirt.

Anette from Royal Greenland

Kalundborg Municipality

Here is an example of one of the videos we made for Kalundborg municipality during their Move On course.

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