We want exercise with colleagues

Vi vil have motion med kollegaer

The following inspiration page is based on ritzau.dk's article "We want exercise with colleagues"

Exercising with colleagues increases well-being and job satisfaction, and many Danish workplaces support health initiatives that can prevent dissatisfaction and reduce sickness absence. This is shown by a new study carried out by Norstat on behalf of the partners behind the competition "Denmark's Healthiest Workplaces - Initiative Prize 2021". Every third employee has health-promoting initiatives at work, and during the corona crisis, 30 percent experienced that their workplace had taken initiatives to improve the physical health of employees.

Here at Movewell, we are proud to be able to help companies implement health-promoting initiatives and create a culture where employee well-being and health are the focus. We know that exercise with colleagues can have a great positive effect on both physical and mental health, and thus also on work satisfaction and well-being. Read more about our initiative Move On here.

In our collaboration with companies, we focus on creating a sustainable solution that fits the company's culture and the employees' needs. We help implement training programs, create motivation and engage employees in a health-promoting culture. We believe that an active lifestyle is the key to a healthy and happy employee, and we want to help your company achieve this.

As a manager, you also have an important role to play in promoting health and well-being in the workplace. According to the survey, every second employee feels that their immediate manager helps to promote health in the workplace, and this is an important factor for job satisfaction and well-being. Therefore, we also help managers implement health-promoting initiatives and motivate employees to take part in them.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help your company create a healthy and active culture. You can see our selection of t-shirts and jumpers, which you can personalize with your company, club or association logo below.